OKC 365: Watch Food.Inc at Elemental Coffee

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It’s a film screening! Maybe you’ve heard of it. Perhaps you’ve even seen it. Maybe even multiple times. I’m willing to wager if you’ve been reading this site for awhile you’re going to see familiar trends in our coverage. Seriously, it will be over and over again. What kind of things you may wonder? Honestly, making informed choices would be high up on our list. We write for people who are like us. People who genuinely want to know more about which social issues need to be corrected and believe in making tangible progress.

The fact that this film is screening at Elemental Coffee means not enough people have seen it. And it is one of the more important documentaries of our time, so if you’ve seen it can we suggest finding a friend who hasn’t and connecting with them over this issue? I promise it will be a good thing because it is a well-done documentary. So if you have a friend who’s never even heard of it, take them out for a night of coffee and environmentalism. Start the conversation about how we can be doing more for our collective present and future. Unpleasant as the truth is, something positive can come out of sharing thoughts on it.  Also: tangible progress.

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