Diosa Deliciosa

Pull up a chair and try some tequila.


Porn stars occupy a strange space in American pop culture. They are the distant relatives of the Old World demimonde, trading on their sexual prowess to secure a lavish lifestyle.  Better known and more respectable than most members of congress, they still get precious little recognition. Perhaps owing to America’s near constant state of sexual panic or, conversely, to the very low quality of a lot of porn, it’s rare to hear adult films discussed in “polite” company, despite being a massively profitable worldwide industry.

One of relatively few stars to emerge from the world of porn into broader public consciousness is Oklahoma City resident Cindy Taylor. Better known by the stage name Jesse Jane, she is one of the most popular adult film stars in the world. If you know an adult heterosexual male, there is a solid chance that you know someone who is familiar with her work. She is best known as one of the stars of Pirates, a highly expensive (by porn standards) historical costume drama that further blurs the already fuzzy line between hardcore porn and the covers of bodice ripping romance novels. In addition to her adult film work, Taylor/Jane has a lucrative side career as an industry commentator, talk show host, sex columnist, and mainstream actress.

We sat down with her recently to discuss the newest addition to her extensive resume, a designer tequila called Diosa. Jane said her friends urged her to make a sex-themed drink, but that she decided not to do so because she knew those drinks weren’t really profitable. Another formerly disreputable industry experiencing a boom in mainstream respect, tequila seems like a good fit for an entrepreneurial minded adult film actress.

Our staff had never tried flavored tequila before; flavored tequilas have only existed since 2004, so we were slightly wary upon first glance. Given how well tequila mixes, as testified to by the millions of drinks with the suffix “rita”, we needn’t have worried. The sweetness of the flavored tequilas – especially the excellent almond and mango flavors – takes the edge off and complements the agave flavor nicely, while the silver 100% Blue Agave Diosa is sweet, smooth, and packs a hell of a kick, not unlike it’s high profile sponsor. It would be nice to see a Reposado or Anejo in the future, but this is a brand new operation.

Jesse Jane is not the first adult film star to dabble in the world of liquor, witness designer rum label Ron de Jeremy – yes that’s a real thing, but she is unique in that she is a co-owner of the brand and helped to develop it rather than simply licensing her image to outside producers. It’s a savvy move, positioning herself to reap any potential financial windfall from the brand. In some ways the most striking thing about Jesse Jane is that she is, first and foremost, a clever businesswoman, not at all out of place in suburban OKC. She was solidly on message through the entire interview- the mark of a true pro- and the way that she has built her personal brand over the past decade would earn her high marks in any MBA program.

Diosa may or may not conquer the already competitive world of designer tequila, but I wouldn’t bet against it. After all, if Sammy Hagar can do it…




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